Tuesday, April 21


 It is really nice when there is soo many things going through my mind. And me, just go out and relax with the people i love. The things has been bugging me so much that I do not even really feel like doing anything, except this:

"With lots and lots of love that I could ever give, only fer selected people."




Bcoz silly faces will never end. So does our frenship.

See, she's always the planner. Anywayy, she is awesome! of course, you-know-who.

Hello kami gedik..ade masalah?

So, u taught its going to end?But nehh, letss continue.
Wanna puke alreadyy?
tgk laa lagihh kami :)



We do it our style
the roomy/the sister/the problem solver/the ear/the eyes/the buntut/the tut tut/the shampoo sabun partner/the sleeper/the buncits/the eater/the rocker/the whaterer/the cafe/the rabe rabe/the itu dan ini
Sure la be miss by me. You're taking your asses away. Soo, boo to me la.

It was a great moment ever! Hope we always had a blast :)

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