Friday, April 17

going grazy~

Feels like i've abandoned this blog for such a long time! Sigh* Final exams are coming up and i feel sooo lazyy to studyy..ngehh

who doesn't anywayy? Not to even mention i've been skipping classes fer the past week and today, finally, is the day of, erm let e say still like in the class laa *grins*

Then again, after one week of study break would be my "mother of horror story" (according to my finance lecturer) Heh. Tatoottt. So apalagi? Study laa cik dyra oi...!! 

haha b, i'm going to rub this in! la-la-la

p/s : pehlessss, continue study occay dyra nurrr! wee~


Awek Cunz said...

Good luck on your exam k?
Study smart! (Hazairi Jay)

BABY said...

ok2. thankerzzzz! :)