Tuesday, April 21

Iman Al-Farissi

♥ Just-like-I-taught ♥

I got a great superb pic of my nephew. ngehh. As cute am I. Fer ppl out there, i'm thinking, relief on them might catch on a special spa treatment fer students. Hah. Believe it! Nahhh..
My baby mucuk luby lubyy.

I love my nephew cz he provide a never ending source of funny and meaningfull memories. Keep reminding me that, although those nasty things always turn
out unperfectly, there are replaced by plenty remedies to laugh and enjoy. Given out by you, my:

call him "Rishi Kapoor"

Gonna show the photos I took of my nephew during the blast happy time at home :)

"dahla mama lala. pls dont take my pic anymore. Uwaaaa!"
Halaa readers, Budak tu da nk ngs laa..

Hi. I'm Iman. Wanna puke already??kahkah.
"Saya tak pandai ckp lagi la aunty!"

Weee. Iman's face are very cute and charmingg. muah muah syg. Mama lala cyg dia sgtt :)
I love it and everythingg about it.

p/s: If u dont understand my silence, u'll not understand my words.

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