Thursday, April 16

Final Fever

Books and I. We are friends now! Yay!

Study. Study. Study
It is necessary for now.
Must be. Must. and Surely must.

Its a relatively short update because I still have my mission to accomplish. I need to study, hard very hard. Yet, I still have another one assignment! Gile weyh!  Omg, don't even tell me how lifeless I am to be doing my assignments/my study/my effort/my multitasking ahgain!. Sigh* Corporate Finance assignment especially. Sob sob. Me no likely a financial analyst. Gile nott~. But its interesting to hear about examples of such cases. Maybe, i will be one of those successful ppl. Kah kah. Hope so. Success la sgt.


Regarding to my life, there's a feeling of relieved after being able mend a long last loveship. It almost seemed impossible to have recovered it, but I can only conclude faith has made it happen. Its really complicated how it all started and wish will be no ended being such a sore relationship. I need him. Still. Love? No words can describe how crazy am i to him. I love you b! Till death its never be end up.I can only thank God that I never gave up pursuing the ship. And today, I know this ship was stronger than I thought it was. It managed to withstand the bruises and scar. I cannot be happier about today.

I have sooo many happy moments I want to share!! But.. studying are staring at me now. Will update soon, I hope :P 




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