Saturday, April 4

i am sick

A couple of days back I got the sickness. Particularly, a disease. UTI.*infection* I got it over a weekend. This was precisely bracketed by the time I got back from class on friday to the time I got up monday morning to go back to class.So on top of everything else it's also a sickness with a cruel sense of humor.OMG. I am so sick on that!

I've been feeling pretty smug about all this because I never got a sickness shot ever. In fact, I've been getting this shots for a bunch of years now and I've effectively stopped getting sick. I smugly held this up as proof that this shot works, and I smugly paraded my sunny health annoyingly. Yup, I was really smug about it. sickness shots are great, thought I. I'm so damn healthy, thought I. Smug smug smug.

And then last thursday the sickness came down again from, I don know where, and humorlessly squashed all the smug right out of me. I should note here that I am using "diseases" generically. I don't think either of us ever actually had the actual sick. I never ran a fever, although it felt like I was. I think this was just a really bloody nasty awful headcold. But damn, what a vicious terror of a headcold it was.

For five days I did nothing but take ponstant and sleep. I have only one clear memory of those five days: One night I stared fascinatedly at my laptop and clicking through the screens, because the menus were coming apart and floating around about a foot in front of the screen,"Are you OK?" b asked me. "I am so stoned." I commented insightfully. Obviously I am not going to be writing the induced kubla khan any time soon.

Interesting fact I learned during my sickness: You know the slogan I quoted above,

"The Sniffling Sneezing Coughing Aching Stuffy Head Fever So-You-Can-Rest thing?"

They've changed it. The stuffy head part is gone. I stared at the box for a long time thinking "where's the stuffy head part?" and then I realized....maybe they took the stuffy head drug out.
Sure enough, thanks to ajai and Zura, part of my luffy friends, who help me. wake up early in the morning. Sorry for disturbin. 5 a.m u noe.i'm so so sick. They went to my room, briefing smthg as Zura provide me some med. Oh God. I really dislike the med! No!

I feel so much healthier now.

I feel so much healthier now.
One step at a time. Notable is that it has taken me three days to write this post.

I am so sick.

Sick sick of mine.

Sick of him.

One and only the doctor i need.

Him. Him. Him. plss God..*crashing-crying*

I want him

Him. Him.Him.


Time turning back

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