Monday, April 20

Rindu gila babs II

Hey darl! Rindu kamu gila babs juga!
This is not ordinary friends, im telling you. That is y, i never will choose to forget bout this frenship no matter how rough the road. Of course, she had work together
 witme to mend this. My success! Thanks lotss to her. Without you qeels, i never will achieve this. I cant do it alone.

It's not a dream of being rich nor having a superb olidayy we had or smthg related to that sort. Its just a dream of a mended frenship. I wish that things could be done perfectly.

You have no idea how much am I going to miss you, sticking you head through the grill with that cute face of yours. En, definitely ours! Tell to the people, we are greatest enough, and those of them, we just don't even care.

Here are some of her pics :)

Ta-da. Lol. i think we will do a better make up next time.

♥ Baby~

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