Monday, April 20

The person i adhered to

Khairul amirul! I must really say, missing u a loads now! Was really hard to say how darn i miss u but i'll see u soon tomorrow kay! *hug and kisses*. Havva blast then, which i know you will.haha.

When u lose smthg u know that worth more than money can buy, u will be just like me. Im sure. Smtms i do pray that time will go faster. Where i wish to lives with him ferever. Then, i can know, how will a healed person be like. Will he ever be the same.He will be the one of the love young guy best friend that i will ever so proud to have.

Occay, this is a plenty pure of our love story.
Reader, sorry if i bore u.

Pics: Pretty evently night so be sure meaningfull enuff fer me. Tq, hunn.

Baby ♥ B

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