Thursday, April 23

Confession Of My Brittle Heart

. NO .

It makes no perfect sense anywayy.

Before my b got indeep into his using, he was happy and a joy to be around one day ( when he promise me everythingg lahh kononnya) as a complete ass. Then again, he blamed me for everything the next (when he was coming down). WTH!!! I'm just so frustrated! He is not in recovery. He uses more now than ever before. Of course I don't know how much and it would all be lies if he tried to tell me anyway. But, I see the difference in him. Sedeyy babeh.
Dah takde air mata nk ngs. Silly-stupid-words i'm telling youh!
Please stop crying baby.


p/s:It's one hell of a roller coaster fer lover face it. Babi!! I'm sory fer having that words through this.
so, once again.Babi.babi.babi!!

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