Wednesday, April 1

EXAM! freak out!

You ever feel so pits and so bored and just overly blasted up if a bullet around your skull. Did you might feel marginally better?That is how I feel right now, Pisted as I am I might take some one out with me. I am so sick of the shit. I just want out and I want out now.I can't love, I can't do anything. I am so done.What the hacks?Why the things empericilly way they are? Wtf! Panicking and I can't keep doing things.I just don't know, I don't know any more.I just want to explode all over, a bullet could do it.Coward as a I am, a bullet won't get its chance.

I don't know. I am just pisted...
I can't do any thing, I am gonna freak withh my test/exam.ngehhh
Examination drama isn't what you should worry about, it is being programmed for perfection. Anything less is a death sentence,essentially I am never taking another finance course again. Never.haha.tak bsyukur lgsg.hee.*peace*
Thats all, I'm so programmed n I hate it. I am so done

i can't get out of it or anything.i am so stuck.i'm gonna crash again

i'm crashing

it is another one of those nights

and I can only write on a freak now, I just need to write things out and think but I can do that with people breathing down my neck.None of you probably know, you are all reading this and thinking "i'm not okay probably" oh pls.Pls don't stress about it. I've been done the dark hole, its a bad place, I try to stay out of it.

but i'm crashing again, and i think its gonna be pretty well.Yes! I should try to score it!



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