Wednesday, July 29

iman needs to sleeppp

from bb-to-shah alam-serdang-kajang-kelana jaya-damansara
erghh.need time fer pleasure
dead.tired. tired.

I’m thrilled to say that 2009 is looking really good fer ikea. The cover is fantastic, love the art, the rug, the bold black paired with crisp white, and of course the shot of pink. Tapi, tak jumpa lamp pink i. Out of stock kata nya. Sedeyy. I was always so hesitant to purchase from them bt after a few purchases i’m all fer ikea nowadays. Jalan sana-jalan sini. Penat sgt akhir nya. Will be updated tomorrow ok. Si budak kecil ni pun dah keletihan seharian and almost a day ikut auntyy nya shopsss:)

sleepin in heaven
: )


messyremo said...

haha..sgt kiut muka budak tu..

mesti die geram sgt ngn auntie die nih~~haha

♥ BABY said...

budak yg kiut itu need diremindkan, is my nephew!! heeee.