Saturday, July 4

♥ Chattering mind

I start my bachelor courses this coming Monday
after a whole weeks off.

Actually, I’m just hoping to get booked to play at a bunch of colleges, which will be more fun than writing papers, I think. (Well, I actually liked writing paper..ah, nerddom.). Yay! of course I will met my lvly boo, b, nurul2, iza, im-jongos, acap-ngokngek, lokman-montana and the rest. I was just reading through the schedule material, classes are nt too pack. Kind of-occay! I will be working hard this coming semester. hee. Dedicated to, um, me. It will be kind of hard! hard! n work hard! to stand in front of all my books and studies, but that’s what a self-representing girl's gotta do! I’m trying to make it real .I think that some serious things awaits, and I will report next next day. maybe :)

I had my priorities out of order.
This time I have a new resolve.
Goodbye home-ku

Goodbye bilik-ku


After a relaxing holiday, its all seem worth the effort.
Ada muka boleh berjaya tak sem ni?
Hope so!
Wish me better excellent fer this coming semester :)

P/s: umph. batuk-batuk go away. Class will be started en. Nanti jgn nak memekak tbatuk2 in clas ogehh. ooh plsss lahh. tak suke! tak suke!

♥ baby


shazleashayla said...

good luck on ur new sem!!!! *wink wink

BABY said...

ehee. tq! :)