Thursday, July 2


I crush easily. I cant remember what it was, but at that time, love. But a lot of times, he gets really mad and takes it out on me. I wasn’ doing so well. And it wasnt long before i literally broke down. Sm days around here are nt stellar n i do muddle through. It isnt always elegant how we get through the day, but we get there. As i review the day, i will put myself on my back fer nt giving up or checking out. I love fer being myself. Which i love him to understand too. Frankly, i do love him so darn much . B, please fergive me fer smthg. I love u. i love u.Yes. I do love u. I need u fer understand me more.

"The way his eyes always brings peace and love to me when i look into him."

In a relationship, i miss the past. I want to give him the best gift i could ever give.
Blow the kiss far away fer u. muah.muah. Dear hunn,

I just move too fast. I type n go. I try to re-read and catch errors and sometimes I do. My brain just goes too fast and my fingers can barely keep up. My eyes scan so quickly that I just assume the word is the word my head is reading. I would say this is a huge weakness fer me when it comes to u becasue I often nt a good bit of communication, but most things I just skim. It is annoying. I annoy myself actually. I find it very distracting when I run into this crush. But such it is life. If you know me well, then you can kindly smile at me and maybe shake your head in a knowing way.

♥ baby

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