Saturday, August 1

Where have i been?

Somehow I have time, and so I sign up to do things and then I get busy. And when I am busy days like the one below do not happen as often.

This was on the beautiful unexpected holly2day during H1N1 scenery.(ayat manis). Well i am pretty sure sangat happy this hols kerna tak dapat enjoy the semester break previously.(because of my intersession). So, kakak, iman and me, we sat and let the day unfold. Yela, dengan melayan kerenah si comel di sisi. Uiskkk.

Chalk on the sidewalk, and enconter a thrill moment with my notty nephew.
.iman al-farissi.

I had my knitting. A day with kiddos, which is my own meditation. It allows me to be in the moment and be where my kiddos are all while doing smthng that doesnt interfere with others en? of course lah kann.

a perfect afternoon. Arrive with kakak and baby iman to fetch kak aimi at Kajang.
STOP! kene tukar pampers iman.

Then, eating laksa at Uncle's Lim.
Wahh, sangat delly i'm telling you.(sebab sangattt lapar)
Where you supposed to be.

First destination:

di-luar. and kakak bawa kawan yg sopan.
So, should be:

They buying2 fer iman. I am nothing. kahkah. Frankly, tak mampu lagi nak belikan suit iman.Mahal kot baju baby.
It consumes me a lots lah.

Iman shows his "muka kerek bapak ayam"
berlagak kerana mummy and aunty randomly busy choosing his suit.
Iman, dont ever do that faces ogehhh. Cehh

Wahh! Mama-la really likes this. Of course you know iman.

Yeah! Iman and mirror. Memang abes! Iman sgt suka looking himself infront the mirror.
wth?Iyee. Itulah dia.

Tgk tu dia senyum dah tahap macam mana?
baby dinosour occay!

I'm feeling unconfused, happy and frankly, I do not know what else I should do rather than this.

Looking at baby, stressed out over my own problem and has slowly made me feel stressed out on my own self.
Well. sangat-bahagia.

Next destination.
Where i need to buy a lot of things.

Oleh kerana bergaya sopan.
So, should be snapping in:

eh, sopan2 sekali ada dog la. bulldog lagihh.

Cehh, iman sikit pun tak takot those anjing.
Ada dia kesah??
lets take a look on my shoot towards this baby yg sangat seronok me-shopping.

Occay, kami ke ladies iman jaga troly ye.
Bagus tak budak ni.
Siap duduk diam2 main tgkp2 pic tu. haha


busy buat apa la syg ni.

full almost 2 troly. beli apa sampai 2 troly?
iman la ni. Nak itu. Nak ini.

Then, this baby sgt keletihan. He need a location fer landing.
Haha. Tak macho langsung iman ni.
Amboi, dah puas round nak tito pulak dia kann.

He was almost in moody after wakeup.
Look at his faces. Tisk, lebar monyokk-nya. Iyelah, dia kena paksa bangun.hee
Jom balik la laling.

while waiting kakak arrive fer car. Sempat lagi snap pic kak aimi ni. Which looks likes hot mama gitu. haha.

Iman macam sgt enjoy outing with mama-lala
Wahh. Terharu.
Gaya dia macam sangat thankful to me kan??
Kunun2 iman nak snap gambar buat kenang2an dengan aunty dia tu.
: )

Last destination:
dinner at UPIN-IPIN restaurant.
have a meal at only RM25 which include:
  1. Nasi putih (2 orang)
  2. Kailan ikan masin
  3. Daging masak merah
  4. Tomyam seafood
  5. Telur bungkus
  6. Teh o ais (2 org)
Worth the money tak? sangat-sangat occay. Plus those delly meal. Walahh gila hell. Lets try at Glenmarie. Carik la sendiri sampai dapat. Hee. Peace.



shazleashayla said...

Bile nk ade anak sendiri lak cik dyra..ehe

p/s: Upin Ipin restaurant?? which part of glenmarie? keep on asking sbb mls nk cri sendiri..hahahha

♥ BABY said...

hee. smwhere across the carslberg tu. belakang shell ke petronas if i'm not mistaken. try2! sedappp