Tuesday, July 28

money still cannot buy happiness


please stay the hell away

Fortunately, ptptn loan did not let me down this time. Akhirnya. Penat menunggu duit pt ni.Where did my money goes today? Erghh, i did spent too much money for rental with payless. Payless? haha. And save money fer the house deposit including utilities deposit. Total up. Almost RM318.wth. Do you pay attention to turning off every light in the house when it's not in use? i'm not. Tapi sekarang dah started on regretting. Gahaha. Padan muka aku. All in sudden, teringat sem lepas staying at Kolej mawar fer the whole sem. Semua nya free tak payah bayar including fee charges only. As I went back through my photos, I found this pics and wanted to jump right back into it. Eh, mcm kenal je tempat ni?Lets tonton-tonton ex-roomy saya fer last sem.

Mawar College
UiTM Shah Alam

It’s been wayyyy too long, however, I’ve been too busy doing absolutely nothing hahaha. It’s such a mess.

Nothing beats the student life. Sure, we have worries and need to worry about money and such quicky things.Well, as a poor college student, most of my money goes to food and rent.


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