Thursday, July 2

♥ Things happen in a day

as i begin to write, I immediately sense the lifting of weight, the instant liberation, the energy, the joy and the freedom fer tis day along. The itik-itik. Wah! It is heaven. So, let say, let me say:
Kami dan itik-itik, have fun.
Selamat Hari Itik :)

So much things goes today.
On dat does get sm captured here and I dien hv a hard time wit dat. Why we need this daily captured en?I fear dat what isn’t captured will b lost. I feel I cannot trust my head to remember what I want it to.

There is just too much.
I guess dat is why there is so much focus on living in the moment because u truly only hv dat moment once. Rite? After dat it becomes a memory dat will b kept or lost n even if it is kept, it will b somehow transformed never to b exactly as it was. hee:)
So, selalu2 lah bercaptured ye.

I take the kids and thankfully, Ichi, who is having a difficult morning himself. Decided to join him?Jangan!!
He had a stomach-ache todayy.

There is a reason dat we are media free right now .kehkeh. Images are powerful. So today we messing with the phonecam in out room. I can b here again it too and remember dat always n always. And again, because hols wil b end soon. uwaa.

I run to nature.
On a warm, cloudy and a brezzy day. After the rainy, its time fer feed the fish.

Budak ni pun sibuk lahh dgn SPA-Fish nyaa.
Her SPA-fish we separated to another.
To be well protected :)

And finally, this classic girl appear! She busy fer UPSR soon. So just her classic shirt have been taken. kahkah. Nasib lah kau.

This lil'miss shy needed to get smthg to stop the capturing. haha. Time fer bath then. Hari sudah mlm.

Then, enough.
Everything is still there while life whirls crazily around me.



Fajar said...

jganl lupa jlan2 ke blog aq jga y?? dan jgan lupa kash comment...

BABY said...

ouh?ok :)