Friday, July 17

A day of sobbing

Well I have the best friends ever.
(or had/or not)
we're the kind of people which always have inside jokes so whenever I do see them, they talk about stuff I missed and then say "ooh that's pretty much fer me..ajai, su, korang penyeri hidup dyra!"
and they treat me like i'm alive.
And now, they left :(

i can never have alone time when i have them. But now, i am nobody. I dont have anybody.I had my bff over before this and we went everywhere together. She left without saying goodbye. I had to text her and hour later to see if she remember me, and she left the entire me. And she keep so many secrets from me. When we used to tell each other everything. Any advice for the girl who is used to having her friends all the time and now ignored? ever happened to you? i am sad.

pls..pls..allow me to cry my eyes out as that is what helps me feel better. Speed time up so that i can forget them. So that i can see the light at the end of the tunnel and give that miracle that i have been pleeding for. Grant me the serenity and peace to accept all these things.

anyhow, I'll do appreciate them fer cherish me at melaka. Well, i am so happy. And fer thats why i cried a lot. My friend is probably had moved, and by move I mean leaving me.Out of State.But like I said, they are my bff, and they leave me alone. (Now, when I say that she is, I mean she most likely will.) A lot of my other friends are just kind of the people who are with me for a little while, and then they slowly drift apart. My other main friend is kind of leaving me well, but just emotionally, as in hanging out with other people i can forget them.

They have these special battle moves... And I'm just unhappy about it.

I practically hate everyone else except my boyfriend. (I know that if I'm in elementary school I seem kind of young, but it's just a title and means that your friends who hang out .does that make sense?Anyway, if my best friend leaves me, I'm going to be all alone and be the silent girl who has perfect grades and no friends again. I doubt I can have help for this in anyway...but any soothing and comforting is welcome...if at all possible.

I don't think I'm going to be able to move on.

i will miss u guys.

♥ nadiranur

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