Wednesday, July 1

♥ And he wakes up wild

I threw a royal tantrum tis morning, didn’t i? yeah. I make le boifee mad lahh! kehkeh. Then again, how often do we get to do dat?My poor le boifee was the one having the really challenging day n I wasn’t so helpful wit dat. So cyg, just kept sleep saja okay. Dont stress your mind think all that crap. And of course, the day turned out wonderfully. And hope all his angry energy was converted into uber productive. Sorry dear.Walahh-walahh :)

See my silly faces lahh.
Who know, u will melt then. hee. Peace:)

Alamak. What about my hols?I sometimes think it is simply impossible to avoid the holidy hangover. Well, cuti-cuti will b end. Letting go of our rhythms is the way dat we do seem to ensure dat the settling back will b rocky. Errr! I had 3 days off, so for all of us, Monday was going to b hard. I tried though .I had dat darny darnyy crap! My bachelor schedule will start-up ahgain. Oh no no no :(

♥ much love

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arby89 said...

cute owner. hahaha..