Monday, August 3

ada org bodoh yang gila kat dunia ni


I had no idea what a bunch of hacks these people are.

Pitiable, bandwagon, lazy hacks.

I mean, I’ve seen people hack before, but these are the hackiest bunch of hacks that ever hacked.(bongoss)

I hate him. Heh. why lol?Well, because a bunch of these hacks hacked me last week during a very, very slow day with a hack text that displayed the outstanding hacky breath of their hack attitude (sangat mngelabah kot Mr. K tu). Now I know how Britney feels. Needless to say I’ll be watching how I exit a car on those days when I choose to go without knickers from now on. Stay the hell away from me you Mr.K! Sumpah sangat regret knowing him.


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