Wednesday, August 19

Say No!! to complaints and gossips

I - Like - People


When smone has not offended me early on, or i feel a sense of kindship with em, then i feel like i have a reason to be friend with them. I care bout ppl giving me a chance to explain what i am trying to tell them.
A great thankyou. But, should be in proper manner la.
-Islam kan-

This can be trivial things
we both like:
Parker Lewis Can't Lose

I have an unusual sensitivity to the way that i'm treated in a social context. Certain things dont bother me at all. But certain things that call into smthg indifferent, but smtms quite in similar cases do bother me. uh?? Kawan..kawan..jaga punya jaga relationship, at last macam ni. Apa la salah aku kat ko kan? This stuck with me and still bother me ocassionally to this day. Occay. at least i admit kan. Tapi, please la..jadi lah manusia skit..Tak baik aniaya orang mcm ni..

I had bad experiences before, regarding with ppl i thought were my friends. Because of that, i become more guarded towards friends. I dien want to share everything bout me and i certainly dien want to trust them completely. It took me a day to overcome this lack of trust towards u lah makcik segamat. Seriously, not even thinking smthg negative bout you. Kindly, do appreciate our "relationship".

" you will be hurt if u allow urself to be hurt"

Its my gain because positive ppl ward off negative ppl automatically. Y would i complain when i have lesser negative insincere ppl in my life? i will only feel sorry fer them. I tak suka judge org in reality. Tapi, purposely, i understand exactly y i used to get ppl who pretended to be good, kindly and just to get smthg out of me? Ohh. Tak perlu lah. Kamu ada sumea yang saya tiada.

I'm not saying i wont bump into sm backstabbers and hypocrites. Its like a battle everyday to see who gets to be at the top. Kahkah. Sape yang kanak2 now en? Its just so sad and i feel sorry fer her. I certainly wouldnt want to live my life that way. Fer you dear mates, if you're an amateur dancer, you cant dance at the level of professional.s. It is simple! If these ppl started to haunt me, i'll tell them to get a life. Fer me, life is all about love and joy. Dalam al-Quran pun ckp camtu. Berkasih sayang sesama manusia. So, should be partly serios in love. And thats how serious i am. Sebab tu, i jaga betul2 bf i. Thinking ahead. Why dont u have a bf?

"kamu" dont play a significant part of my life and certainly dont feel the loss. Berusaha carik future husband ok? Chaiyok2!

Like i taught:
Some will, some wont, so what?

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