Monday, August 24

And goes..

Hard-work-does-pay off

Before this moment pass me by, let me take each detail, each piece of memories, each body of thoughts, the knowledge, the wisdom, the important life's lessons, all the gifts and blessings,that this moment is giving us, so i could take them with me to our travel to the future.

Dear le boifee,
" a huge congratulations to your awesome accomplishment!"

I am glad you are doing so well. I am just on the moon fer your success my dear. All the hard work does pay off doesnt it? I am thrilled to hv been a part of your success story.

Congratulation Sayang :)

Its such a nice capture as a reminder of the year by year you are gone by. Alhamdulillah.. the greatest word fer appreciation.

This pic shows that when u set yourself to smthg.
HAHA. Macam ni lah kalau nak berjaya. Mental done, of course physically should be well groom then.

heh, me lah, the girl who left her studies fer 3 days with her good-fer-nothing MR.BF.
oh gosh. Of course i'd bring my textbook everywhere we go. I had 2 test back then, haha. Berani mati.

Dimana sahaja kami berada. Mereka pasti ada.
The good-fer-nothing, MR.BROTHER
So, ada sape2 berani kacau saya?? This guy will protect me then. Haha. Nk rasa penumbuk, mehlaa...
(Mr. brother sgt garang ccay!)

Then again, i met this lil'lady Cik Waney with her good-fer-nothing bf, MR. MIGO. Well, this lil lady sgt pandai okeh. She's got a gold medal fer the next day of her convocation ceremony. Congratulations on your graduation and hope the future will bring u a full measure of happiness and success.

Haha, kecik je dua2 kan? macam kanak2 tadika convo pun ada. Oups!

Let me tell all of u about our love story come to begin.
do u still remember the first time we stepped to the grounds of orientation day at matriculation level? (well, we re in the same Kolej Matrikulasi Perak).Which we will forever carry wherever the futures takes us from here. Then, we finished it. Did u keep our shared laughters? The laughter forever sweet in our memories. Engrave em in our hearts, they are the so pure laughter we could always go back, whenever we face the bitter taste of life, that we are sure to stumble upon as we face the consequences of growing.

Value of the friendship we built here, we hold the purest elements of camaraderie and partnership that we need as we befriend for our entire life. The memories will remind us that we will be forever safe wherever our futures would take us when we leave tis ground and get out the gates of the campus, that will forever hold the moments, when we took our baby steps taking in the knowledge, that helped form the young muscles of our minds, so we would be ready. Occay, enough. Thats the story. haha. Fer sure bosan kan. I mmg sgt suka merepek.

Occay then, capture all the elements that could possibly get from here. (Significant)Penat je datang dari jauh tau.

As he celebrating his milestone in his young life, let him celebrate this moment with grateful hearts. So sayang, your graduation day is your contribution to the future ok!

Eh, terlupa pulak. This young guy, MR.POJIE his best buddies celebrating a graduation day too . Congratulations pokjie!!

Finally, the sunlights that lit our faces, the sunshine thats forever bright in our memories, and will forever remind us of the first steps fer the future.

p/s: post yg terpenting nak tunjuk kat anak2 nati. Eh, bile tu??Lalaala



Eyda Chan said...

congrats ya.. cepat2 ar kawen..

♥ BABY said...

heee. kawin eyda support occay! hehehehe :)

Apit_SP said...

waa..byk tui gmbaq mirul dlm nie..gmbaq ak sipi2 pun x lekat..xpa tunggu kami konvo master plak