Tuesday, August 11

♥ A Most Incredible, Spontaneous, Spectacular Afternoon and Evening ♥

but, a little hanky panky things:

Occay, i am now caught up on updates. Chew slowly, maybe spread smthg out over a day or two. Today's starts with "it doesnt take long bebel-ing", so u will need to go to the bottom and just click "previous entry" to get there. (if rasa bosan dengan post ni ok, sebab most of it..is picca only.haha. Gila glam) As the weeks starts, my time and energy will dwindle. And needing to make hols resting, well, blogging will take a back seat. Have some more photos to post and will do so over the next couple of days. Perlu ke? lalala. Ini blog saya. So, saya punya suka lah kan. Nak letak pic banyak mana pun kan. haha. kan kan kan : )

i had a pretty good day.
Oh. Good!

Purposely, cari convo suit si jejaka di bawah ini.
Dah la berbadan kecik. Nak carik baju..Semua NO SIZE!
huh. What a day. Letih saya.

Well, ditemani abg dan kakak kesayangan kami.
B? alrite...

No motive at all.
Then, makan-makan, lunch at food court sahaja.
Itu je yang mampu.
Sharing a bowl of laksa with le boifee.
Actualy, sort of romance gitu en.

The guy with cap
B's mates:
from terengganu-to KL-to kedah

Muka tensen money worth fer his everything.
I dunno!
Yang penting saya tak paw dia anything pun

While saya, melayan diri..

Then, had a drink sat..


With that, i'm signing off. Sebab dah finish writting already. It is late and really need to go to 2 p.m class.
It is pretty ridiculous to complain about being tired and then go to bed at midnight.
Tido je keje aku kan.


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ilyia nur ab rahman said...

adakah itu tali pinggang ku yang ku carik sampai kemas the whole bilik tidur..sila bawa pulang wahai adik ku sayang ye nanti..