Monday, August 10

Morning Light (...and coffee)


Because what i have is pretty freakin' awesome.

After 6years, i still get tingles.
Just like today.
..knowing he was coming fer lunch.

This pic doesnt do it justice, but this was a great meal. wow!
i love the way the colors all come together.
Aha-make me smthng terliur-liur sort of thingss. Auuuu..

Inilah hidangan lunch kami-Simple-Enough-Oraite!

Taknak cakap apa-apa dah.

It's alive!
At the moment, a fav daily ritual is the hunting fer us.
hahak. Almost every single day bergaduh nak meeting up.

So, i was quite distracted to discover a live on the past, and next next weekend.
Smtms i think we adults are wimps or at least lack deep focus.
aceceh. Kunun2 pro!

: )

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