Friday, May 15


We're in a what we calls,

Surely to say, I miss him damn much. btul. Seriuss gile babs nih! gahh gah.I am free as now. Hols fer only a week. Not eating much, because I was so depresseed that he's far away before. And not now. He is somewhere around me, not as far as before, but we're too busy fer seeing each other. I'm so happy fer his success, but i just miss him because I barely talk to him now. I do send him a tons of offline message (maybee). We are going to be talking nt as usual, cant do it randomly. These had made me been so emotionally drained that i'm afraid to talk to him because of it.

My life is going to be a little hectic! Yikes!
Well, i basically described everything that has been going on in my life.
Poyo je. Because i'm showing-off the side of meh. I can tell you, You should know me well now.

♥ baby

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