Wednesday, May 20

of course we care what others think!


Though, saya rasa saya perasan
tapi, tak seperasan yang lain.

hiks! nampak menarik itu penting.

I like to look good.
I like to feel good.
and..if make-up or outfit helps me in that, well then that a good thing!

Just remember the diff between vanity/self-hate/obsession.
We cant dislike things about ourselves.
So, saya tak kesah if orang tak suka saya! Totally not necessarily mlayan perasaan orang2 yang tak betul, yang rasa diri dia btul, sgt baik, an angel lah kunun. Who gives them a daymnn care anywayyy?
So, kamu lah yang lagi perasan.
fer me, you are crossing the line.
Wanting to be/look your best is a good way to live, but when it crosses the line into the point, that says a lot about the level of vanity you may or may not have.

* saya yg baik!

of course: BABY

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