Saturday, May 16

Days turn into multi-day

Today, i choose certain times to push myself without doing it every single day. I brought my nephew to clinic, because he's getting fever fer a week. So, i could only stay fer a few hours, anything fer you IMAN AL-FARISSI. To be ensured he's not getting sick again, I went anywayy.

There is only so much time i can give up because one might come along. I'm waiting fer iman. He's been diagnosed.

I factored as today is a sick day..shian iman..

Shian bdak ni. ari2 mnangis. Constantly overdoing it (crying), and constantly being sick.

I learned that, i will become terribly ill when i push myself too much. Now i know to hold back. Sometimes i think too well. So, iman, you will be well now. mama lala teman kan iman pergi clinic okay!

I woke up in the night with the early stages fer everytime when i heard iman crying. By intentionally not making a trade off, I feel no guilt to kakak.

Iman with mummy iman aka my sis. Where iman never looked as a "org sakit". Sgt happy go lucky la mamat nih! macam tak demam je.

It did! His outlook is suprisingly good! tak nangis langsung beb. Even doc dah inject dia.
Look at his arm. Shian nya dia. 

He will usually pretty good at it. Iman budak baik kann?? I hope he will feel much better physically after on. Pheww! aminn..

Back to the good outlook. hehe. Muka tak larat nk senyum. 

This is that Mr. Strong. He had a fever and sore throat. Tp, dia cool okay. Kdg2 je sgt2 mnangis. We took him to the docs. And the doc said, he just had a normal fever and it is not a  virus ocay! (like i already know that). He seemed like he dien really know what was wrong with him. Because he already know he is that MR.STRONG. Strongla iman! as your papa mrul! lalala (walhal, strongla sgt mrul tuh)

I know i should never feel guilty if anyone in the house will being sick, but I rarely do what I should. Today i can see what a reprieve it is to just let myself be as i need to be:

-anak yang solehah. (insyallah)
-wife yg mithali and ber"kaliber"
-aunty yg strict, but cool..kahkah

thats all.
over act youh! wahaha!


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