Friday, May 15

my way going to little messy

Never fall asleep last night.Just wakeup, enjoying the morn,cleaning the home, makeup-ing. Go out with kakak and mama. Went to uitm settled-up my college fer intersession this coming monday. Shitss. Starting that bloddy hell of class. (18th may - 16th june).Arghhh! Dien freely enjoying my hols. Sgtt penat and i'm just too worry witte fact that i'm not too ready. Cett. 

I just need something to calm me down. A few comforting words. Some comforting advice. Especially fer my studies. Anything negative is truly uncalled fer, and unappreciated, and frankly just a waste of your time and mine. tq :)

This semester break, we dun even spend  time together fer ours photography session. Takpe2. nati kak dyra cuti lagi, kte snapping sampai lebammmmm k. Yay!

♥  baby

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