Thursday, May 14

grounded me.

This week will be pretty quiet. My semester break I was supposed to have only til this sunday. I shall start packing my stuff to take back to uni. And i realized that i absolutely hate to pack! Otherwise, things are starting to slow down. A few of my friends are leaving pretty soon. Su, im gonna mish u la en. Its gonna stink have to saying goodbye to her. She will transfer back to uitm malacca.

Its still hasnt completely set in that.I wont be back fer the new semester. But, i think once I'm home fer every week I guess. Boring duh duk shah alam tuh!

Suriati Selamat

Su, even you're nt ere next sem. Sure be miss la by me. Thanks Su fer giving me this valuable friendship stake. Kept on me about how good the series was. Cherish it.

Thats about it fer now. Chow~

♥ nadiranur

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