Tuesday, May 12

Happy Mama Day

Hooray! its time fer thanksgiving break.
i get to go home, see the fam, and eat till i explode.
Unfortunately, its bring a lot of happiness which the memoir I will never ferget.
especially fer you mama.

Happy Mama day!
Most coincidently, mother's day is the same as the day of mama birthday. lagi utk mu mama..
Happy Birthday Mama!

In the midst of all the craziness around the house, we're busying preparing the most valuable day fer this special women in this world.
I Love You

It was too precious. We shopping fer dinner, before asking fer KFC, but ayah wont. Ayah said, bbq la lagi best. (padahal ayah mmg sibuk nk mkn bbq cz fav dieh) its ok anywayyy, kami blasah je.Secret recipe cake.and finally,we prepared fer barbeque that night. Kinda sad, after all that shopping, we forgot MARSHMELLOWS!! crap!

kind of creative i suppose = haha, but the food is tasty!

btw, omigosh. It was DELICIOUS. pls pls pls try it.

-Chocolate Indulgence-
(ayah plak yg sgt suka-fav ayah)

lamb chop.yum yum yum. i think the weighing scale shall be ignored by me lahhh.

then, we had maked this mushroom soup. (padahal campbell instant, budget terror masak.lalalaa)

This picture contains:
3 people missing ere, without featuring my bro, naqib(busying fer final exam), my sis, yasmin (busying fer SPM), and also Iman al farissi, my baby nephew (die demam la! titooooo.shian diaa)
peace la babeh!

very cool indeed :)

introducing..the daughter of ayahhhh.gedik sgttlalaala..

Look at the little girl. They bought something fer mama. Cett, tapi dorg pakai duit akuhh!

Mama-mama, i wanna kish u.
Our view from the top.
Looking pretty :) Euwww. Prahsan bgtt

It has a very beautiful view that we can just sit and stare and do nothing. Just feeeding the fish. Ayah's own. His hand made kolam ikan.
Tmpt kami bermain2.Tmpt kami berposing2.yuhuuuu!

look how much we are enjoying it.

I wish, i could sing fer mama. Dan sebenarnya..hampeh! budget yuna lah pulak.kahkah.

It was off to bed after bbq as we we're dead tired. But we enjoy photography! omigosh. tipulah dah tak tired. ape nk jadih ni. haha

The End of Mama day.
The words from us specially fer mama:

We ask Allah fer a rose,
But he gave us a garden.
We ask Allah fer a drop of water,
But, he gave us a raindrops.
We ask Allah fer an angel,
And, he gave us..you, mama.
Thanks fer giving mama to us. muahhks!

p/s: fer ayah, we will always be not fergetting you. love you too.So muchhh!

♥ Baby

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