Thursday, May 14

Insert foot in mouth

Its been a while.
Almost a month. Lot of things happened lately.
Some good. Some intense. And some bad.
Lets not to get to the bad ones-there is no point.

Bad things = drop them.
Good things = cherish them.
Intense things = you can get rid even if you wanted to.

That was I am.
So yeah! Like I said, its been a while.

I have my wayyy as well. But the hypocrisy doesnt end there..heee.

But, i'm not reffering to this lil lady. She's my roomy. Not as a *rumit* person at all. Turned me off dude. Mari tgk dia!! Nama dia IZA...

Let me tell you something. She love POOH damn much. Her collection, bloody hell than me i telling you! Her cover fer pillow/towel/blanket/cadar/bear2/almost all her stuff lah. Mmg dahsyatt. Kdg2 POOH dia kene blasah ngn kami. bile dia takde. hahah. (keje me and nurul) peace IZA! haha~

halleluyahh! I finally gave in and i'm no longer poking fun at all of them.
I guess i'm not only judgmental, but i'm also hypocrite too. Geeez. But you still like me right?
To nurul/iza/amnah : peace!!

makan kuaci.
mak saya kata, cina mabuk je mkn kuaci.hiks?

kan da mabuk!

weytt. why my face looking that fucking gedikk?Ko ingat ko cun la buat muka cmtuhhh?kahkah.akuh mmg sgt lah bety.

it was so unrealistic, but it just kept pulling me back for more.

Or perhaps that is too strong of a statement because someone disrespects us which we would hind and make it end.

The fact that we smiles too much and we has a scary laugh.muaghaha.

I know you too well now. Either way or another, thank you kerna mnumpang di bilik kami. Hee. Basically, that wouldnt be a big deal at all.

Hmm....makes me think too!!! Why did I do it? Probably because I am a hypocrite. I guess I am just craving fer attention. Or I just probably wanted to put something on my head. But the thing is, will I be at peace with myself after attaining this position in?....dunno yet!.....Anyways, apart from that - I just realised from writing all my posts as above, I am really confused and have a huge guilty conscience!!! Oh wow!!! Oh well, cant do much...

p/s: Cmon nurul, sent me our latest pic. It shud be the most hilarous blog shall i post. I swore, rather than this.

♥ Baby

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