Monday, May 11

flow & flaws

Final are over babeh!
Settle stuff fer this semester.

Still-contemplating-ideas-for my-finals-exam.
To go dark or not, that is the question.

If someone ask, "is that ok?"
wahh. sgt tsgt okehhh la weyh!tp, ok ke?ntah la tatau la ok ke tak.nyett!cam tak ok je.rasa cam ada yg tak ok la plak. takutnyaa.

Oh, i am going dark fer my final exams!
same scenario:
white walls, lots of neutrals else where. a black framed IKEA mirror, instead of fer the touch of sense. euww. black bookcase with lace. black MNG handbag.which all defining the black, maybe with a neutral sisal rug atau org kata, hitam itu menawan. untuk saya yg sgt menawan. (oups!!). As hubby and I will be sharing our lively large of study with or without the black (dark).

I think if you have good natural light, you should be right.
So, belajar lah selagi otak anda berfungsi, without 1001 reason.
The worth things is, i want to be able to work in the study. So, how the light feel if i put in a dark of bookshelves?

The debates continues, and this look alike, apabila kami mencari mood untuk study.

This is what we've been discovered.

Oh-la-la. This is classic one.

occay2.i've done.Did you ever realize or errr..
have you heard people screaming finals exam are over?
have you heard people talking about holidayy?
have you heard peopla gonna keep the brain get well rested?
ive heard from myself. so kamuuh. sukatih aku lahh.
i wanted to write but i dont want some people to read. go shooouuh!

omgossh. it shall about my study style.
let me say, instead let you know.though, sgt tak perlu.
i had so much fun during final. not fun at all.we had all unexpected and see it coming, some part of us, maybe just me refuse to accept it all that much. oklahh kawan good luck la en.

mari lihat kami lagihh.

im looked kind of tired.
but well nott la.

ok, now btul2 becomed tired

♥ baby

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niesaHM said...

same goes with me! exam was over! and i just back from genting, trip with my coursemate~ ouhhh FUN giler!