Sunday, May 17

I will spend most of my break working on papers (assignment lagih dan lagihh), studying fer test.(hah, test lagi dan lagihh) kusut. kusut.Its been really annoying because all i really want to do is lay around all day. So dyra, jgn bmimpi lahh kauu nak blk rumah hari2.Hiks!

So, today is monday. Black horrible monday actualy. First class were started, when i come back to uni, and something was irrevocably lost. My purse..Hilang!! Imran amar (aka Im, the classmate) sgt bengang.

dyra : "im, bleh tak g fac jap.

im : " alah.malas!! nk g basuh kete. kenapa?"
*alamak takut la nk ckp kat mamat nih.
dyra : " alahh, jap je, ada hal skit.hee"
im : "ko ni ada2 jelah. hal apa?"
dyra :"Purse dyra tetinggal la kat fac!"
im :" dyraaa!! bleh tak jgn careless sgtt! myusahkan je lah pompan nih."

haha. Then, the story end. bongoss kan?The most annoying day in the history retail.


I have been spending a bunch of time with my fam in a row of day.

It is really great because we are very tight-knit-bunch.
Where, we always havva good time when we are together.

(even shalu gado2 ponh.haks!)

and family holsss are particularly merciless. grrrrr!
kekeke. When, we're jalan2 together.

Endless driving to a places that seemed make me wonder (childhood). Pantai Remis!!

My two sisters and brother.
*Muhammad Ilham
*Sufia Nur
*Illy Syazana Nur

I was happy to have a place to go, and visit, and stay overnight with them.

It was just us!
And we got pulled over. The camera effect.

I will outline one of my fondest memories from each sibling that i am thankful fer today. Peace!

Well, we cuddled up the times together, and laughed. Our.asses.Off.huhu

There are few times in life one laughs as hard as we did that day.
We sat there pausing/snapping/capturing/rewinding/reviewing a handful of scenes that just keep us laughing over and over again.
I wish i could replay this moment when i need a good laugh.


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