Wednesday, November 25

Shiver me thimbers!

. i'm living it .

This will be nothing more than a record of my bachelor throughout this second semester. And this is the things that hv helped me out along the way. One thing i hv learnt over the pas few years is that..the most blokes dont talk about things and therefore internalise the conflicts that comes with us. We just dun even care!

From 5 of us:
me + abg + acap + lokman + im
(just like a freedom)

Then there goes another 2:
fara + itik

(unlike some others)

off fer a nice nap with beautiful weather.

I hv struggled so far..erghh!

Ini lah abg. His name Amirul Faizal. Because he hv a brother, Acap below. So thats how we called him "abg"

Here he is, abg's bro, acap.Acap yg suke mbebel.ngetttt..n lokman yg suke jg hati saya.a.k.a (my ustad)

at this moment, we just nid the freedom from assesment, at burgerKing, with housemate + roomate + classsmate, WAWA mahmud.

OFF! ustad??kekeke. now being rejected! no more being the ustad anymore, HAHA, sbb dia.....jeng..jeng..jeng..XOXO.
actually lokman wif his beloved, WARDA

ouh! Too bad. i hate this subject. It was the first and the last time i taken this subject.
Such a jerk! with a bunch hack of calculation. damnit!
(tak penah dpt A)

And this is Itik.
i dun know why ppl call him itik?
oh, i just dun care.
his Real name, MOHD HAMDAN

erk? pehal byk pic ngn dia ni? perlu ke? wekk.HAHA
well....Talk to the hand!

And finally, Fara Fafau.
I hv nothing much to say about this.
Thats was supposed to be lah kan.

The whitee shirt, wif his arm carrying a piece of ppr known as Imran.
The person i used to fight not e even more but fer every single day.
...dan yg teramat suka menyakitkan hati saya.Dia lah org nya.
But sometimes, they are the people that bright up my failure day of this bachelor. (tapi sometimes je)

And we are so bonded in the class! ahah.

xoxo, dyra.

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