Saturday, November 28

Either so up or so down

Hello peeps!
How things goin?
What can i do to take care of myself n do the things i know bring me peace and happiness?

And then i wish i can kick my butt into gear and start to think n making sm changes that nid to b made in our daily life to support where we are.
i need to do it. it seems so big and hard, so i ignore it.
so, i try to kill time on Facebook, stare off into blogging n blogging. sebab saya buhsan sgt!
What shud i do then?
i just need to start sm where and i think i might surprise myself at how it falls into place if i exert a little effort.
kecewa nya dgn diri sendiri...


i am sure i sound like a broken record bcz i talk about these bebel-ing a lot. y do i always hv to remind myself to do this stuff? y do i always stop doing what is so good for me? i don’t know .i am a women, life gets intense sebab nya saya cepat touching. Err smtms i hv to drop the emotion n just hold on bcz life is about to get bumpy, or really wet, or dirty, or whatever the case may be.But i cant! tak boleh tak boleh. how to become lembut, pemaaf, n tak pmarah? ohh shits. i realize its my weakness. ok saya admit..

with that, the cavalry has arrived and off i go..

xoxo, dyra.

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