Friday, November 27

Pretty cool Eid Al-Adha

I think we had adapted

Yesterday we are gathered going to celebrate Aidil Adha. or most ppl would call it Eid Al-Adha. Its a celebration muslims all over the world celebrate at the end of the Hajj aka annual pilgrimage to Mecca. Then, we had a really great morning with variety of lauk pauk as a pre-norm during the Hari Raya, n of cos my family going for Solat hari raya together. Though we dont hv those opppurtunity to Mecca together yet. Kat rumah pun jadilah.

Since we are in complete members. We do take a memorable snap with my whole members accordingly. Back from solat, we took this pic,
and therefore knows exactly, who we are..
*i was that whitee one

presenting all those my beloved siblings. heee. we will jump into craziness when we were gathered together. Pecah kpala gelak! Pose sana pose sini. Sengal

We had walked through so much happiness and shits together as daddywif his and daughters. We cant live without ayah. Because ayah was our "everything"

We also made the maaf-bermaafan session during al-adha. yup! it is necessary.
Luckily, mama got ayah. I just want to follow them as i thought they are a very very loving couple forever. i hv learned that i am going to make this things too when i'm married my amirul hiks!

We had a good time with this baby, because it was his first time celebrating Eid Al-adha.
Iman Al-farissi, today is Hari raya Haji or Hari raya Qorban.

At surau, we introduce him a cow.
"Iman, this is lembu..moo..moo..moo..."
guess what? he's following us:
wahh..! wonderful eid al-adha..iman can pronounced that mooo..even it was his first time knowing the lembu. Amazing!

Shayang dia. He is the one yg asik nk melekat dgn aunty dia ni je..lala shayang dia la..tak tinggalkan dia.
He will crying if i leaves him..
as iman calling me mama lala

encem nya dia pakai kopiah..

And then, we had some delly meals made by our beloved mama.
there was:
rendang ayam + rendang daging + nasi impit + kuah kacang + laksa


mama wif daughter

So the coolest thing did happen during this celebration!
Oh, and if you want to know who the real ppl is in the family, well, take a look at our outfits.

It is nice to have these memories to remind us that we laughed just as much.

And finally, this capture end off our hari raya.
see! iman wass so happy celebrating it:
"Allah hu akbar..Allah hu akbar.."
iman thus like to hear it.
ohhh kids...

xoxo, dyra.

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