Friday, November 27

Congrats sista!

I only have those kids of brilliant ideas more often.

YES! minah kecik bwh ni was my sister, we call her Peah. HAHA
Real name: SITI SUFIA NUR lahhh
Being a smart kids, she's got 5A's in UPSR and yes! we were proud of her then.
Alhamdulillah..we shall thank Allah fer this :)

Despite the naps she had in the classroom, tak study mana pun, perasan je lebey, hafal lagu je keje dia hari-hari, tak abes2 main myspace, facebook dia, makeup sana, makeup sini, and her non-stopping gaming, we knew that she would do well. its just that we..errr me..personally, being too scared that she'd be over confident and did nothing to excell.

Back from her school, obtaining the result, and when i ask her, i fear she would b dissapointed fer smthg she did nt deserve. Somehow, hearing mama's cheerful at the other end, and ayah screaming like a...its enuf to convince me that she has got wat she wants. She's one smart girl i know i love very much pleased that she does so well in her studies so far.

Talking to mama in the car today, i told her that she could choose to be in any best school she wants. We just hope that she would make the right choice fer her future, n maintain the good record she has established so far. Ayah, mama, kakak, me, abg2 hope that SUFIA will remain as an excellent student as she has been so far. Without putting solat an doa, restu mama ayah n the whole fam, added wif good behavior, her journey to achieve her dream will insyaallah come true.

fer ur achievement so far.
We all have missions to accomplish. Make sure u know yours. Be yourself!


xoxo, dyra.