Saturday, November 28

Our day in pictures


i can tell i feel the love from us and, so we dont protest strongly.

Even tak jupe every day pun, i try to be comfort with it.
as we are willing to giv n take more bcz i do. it just fits goooddd...
huaa. palsu nya saya. okay i try i try palsu kan lagihh

i dont feel like evil gf, i feel like loving gf . Hell, kind of like sangat gampang, and on this semester hols, i am sick n would be flying solo, well, there just couldn’t hv been better timing. oh idk.

as i thought:
“we do maintenance on our car bcz it need it n is important to keep it running well. we dont even think about it”
it is the same fer marriages or relationships. i so agree. we could not see the forest for the trees and understand what was going on. maybe we needed sm1 from the outside to look in and point it out for us.

yea. today saya beria-ria berpujangga.
xoxo, dyra.

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