Saturday, November 28

my friendship stories

It was so cool and we all had such a good time.

Really, they are. And they aren’t all the same, i am an open book wif ppl, bt i can hv a faith on them quite sometimes. HAHA.What i hv now is a wide circle of people from various groups and who are all themselves very different. Some are more like me, some much less, but no one is in the same place or exactly like me. I don’t talk to everyone every day and sometimes weeks can go by before i see them again.

lets first introduce them, yana , whoaa! i adore her. beauty mania lah u yana.
link her here:
*lady in blue

and dora (i dunno y i love her)
*lady in pink
maybe she just fit me better unlike others.
muackks dora!

then again. fuhh, too many layers to introduce, ok start from next to me:

*lady in grey tudung

she's the most i love! i do very much enjoy all the different personalities she gives surround me.

*lady at the back with smilin.

i get to know her from form three. My tuition-mate. Jelita sangat! i like her faces.

*lady in black tudung

ahah. She is soo funny. She might be a kindred spirit and a great friend that i am missing out on. Miss u!

*lady in blact tudung wif green baju

friends since age ok. From primary school, untill now.

*lady in white shirt

the smallest one. hee. One statement can equal crisis. beg plastic la. actress let met shut my mouth out.

* lady in black baju

i loike her name. Sarah sakinah. kindness still.

*lady with spectacles, rightside

oh, she is sopan. i respect her.

*lady in black tudung stripe baju
i feel secure when i'm with her.The awesome feeling of having that one person who knows u inside and out and really cares for u
(and often times gets u better than your spouse).
i love u mashi n always need u besides me.

It feels like high school in some ways.
Tehee :)

They are there, maybe not every day, not even every week, but they are there.

And maybe that is what all this is about.
And yes, my friend is there, but I think as we woman know ..
we still need friends.
So, we should respect each other, i dont need that disrespectfulness.
As i giv a full respect fer all of u.

Well, that is a line of crap from me. Hehe.
i realize that i am happiest when i hv that one close friend who is my “partner in crime”.
When u hv a fren like that, there is little room fer insecurity or uncertainty bout the relationship. u talk almost every day kn. tapi bukan mengumpat. it is like a constant connection.
u know where u stand n when anything happens u know who u will call.

Macam tu lah kawan.

Mine is the tough captain who can handle it all, do it all, and be there whenever sm1 need me. i am superwoman and i am fine. Sure i hv grumpy days, bt u guys don’t worry about me. i hv operated that way fer the past few years. And perhaps life supported me in such a way that this frenship was nt easy to keep up because it was mostly stalkers. In the past year, it wasn’t as easy, but a captain was needed and i am great at playing that role. Lately i am allowing my vulnerability to show more….and i think i prefer the faith…i like that reality better.and finally, i met them again.

xoxo, dyra.

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