Monday, September 7

Power Out

So a bit sooner than i expected
i hv started to declined
uwaa..I miss him so darn much. The onl
y come down at certain times.

Occay, we had the most amazing day fer the past few days, all the drama that i am used to be will always in mine. Sampai sanggup truant class fer 3 consecutive days plus 3 days holidayy. Do u think it is significant enough fer me??Of course la tak cukup kan. He will be in KL fer a week only, and the rest, OFF! Kertih pulak tu. Jauh

I had pushed myself really hard through all this.
But i think it was going to make sure that we made good on our promises.
So, let me say, i cant stand it anymore.
Please checkup on me because things are really bad, if i am without him.
and i will be honest, i kind of dislike about that.

one and only


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