Wednesday, September 30

i like what i like

The damn thing will not move untill u deal with it.
kan kan kan?

oh nvm, its just silly silly me. i' m getting bored lol! i can feel the rush of emotion. i feel touched. just as if an angel landed by my side. i'm not sure. time will tell then. HAHA. i know there's nothing yet. Tak kesah pun sbnrnya kena gelak hari2. Tapi. started to feel jerk lah ngn kamu. i cant exactly tell what i felt. But i know smthg flipped in my tummy. And i squealed in a silent delight. So. korg ssh ke? korg ke yg nk bg aku mkn?

Alrite..shall not to think all of u..fer now! a sense? through it all, i feel like uncomfortable contentment unlike any other.

Dan..tiada la sungutan n celoteh saya lagi.

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