Tuesday, September 15

Get on the road and push

I am so damn tired. I have been a crappy student this past week....and while i know why the day is crumbling. A lot of things to do. Eventhough hari raya is coming. Ouh Shitss. Kerja. Kerja. Kerja. Test lagi. Isk. I am too tired to turn the ship. So chance of sleep tonight arent looking hopeful. Ahh. Did i mention i am cranky? *sigh.

And so, tonight i am doing battle. Lets stdy till i drop! Toink toink. Collapse la esok. Fer sure punya. Thus, i need to drink more water, bcause i can go much of the day fer studying without drinking any...oh not good. (Alasan tanak puasa). Explains headches!

Grrrr :(

Anywayy, commence operation- updates to follow.

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