Monday, September 28

Babblings and Ramblings

i-hope-it-means smthhg
Syg, ini jujur tau. Seriusly.
My heart's pounding v v v fast..i cant stop thinking of u!
i shouted, i screamed, never was i like this.
Sudah-sudahlah. HAHA

Dan, tercipta lah dia untuk-ku
i have more wisdom, then passions as my way of energizing day by day.

if i giv him a big hug, he returns the best hug ever lifting me right off the ground. Acecehh.


Peeps..introducing (drum roll)...
PERT n CHALI (rasa cam dah posted muka mereka entry before2 ni)Maybe mereka glemerr? wekk.
Dont they look adorable?

Being so tired.

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