Friday, September 25

oh yeah Those were the times

eh lol hello, namaste everyone :)
fer all my grumping, ranting, and whinning last few days, there was a sweet moment during hari raya that made me smile. We had a great time celebrating hari raya.
so tema tahun ni:
tudung yuna
oh boyfren-ku
iman al farissi
erk? saya looking fer smthg and follow right behind.
so what?

ug ug ug, we are at that place n i know this place and its soo peaceful to be honest. HAHA. ye'er? iye kan aje..
kami at arwah nenek's land ok. not too specific fer mak ngah or makcik or maklong's house. sbb tu my nenek punya sorty sorty things, HOHOHO. ada saya kesah?
at kg Melaka pindah, alor gajah

just have fun jela with all those picca ok.
at any rate, i'm tired, tired of thinking, tired of analyzing, tired of writing.
ok habes.

like i said.
tema tahun ni:
alahai shawls si tudung yuna.
bukan tudung kiah ok. ala tudung kiah yg pakai sarung tu.kakaka
budget lah sgt.

eh tadi kata tired of writing?
ok whatever!
SMILE junkies kies

at tok cu's house.
after makan-minum session, we just had a time fer capturing this precious moment
as my atok will grow older and older
oh my. i will miss this year by year back then

the 5's ladies
almost single, anak dara, and sorg je mak dara.
so so gedik. sape gedik?
As we had a safe journey back to kampung but had sm trouble on the way back to hometown. Biasa la tu since every year mmg akan happen pun.

dan emak-nya si iman

my not so little nephew anymore! HAHA. he makes me feel very miserable next to him. muah.muah

my forever so young sister

end lah end
sm days in the moment, there comes a pause. And i love those pauses. especially those where we go outside, celebrating eve together. And so, we let ourselves discover goodness of some sort. We breathe in that pause and let its peace wash all our dosa-dosa over us. Frankly, from our noble heart:

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