Friday, September 24

Where I'm at.....

Its Friday,

End of this week. This week was the golden period of my life. I will never forget the time, support, thought, motivation, and love all have given me profusely without any selfish attitude. I realize, i know, how much friends love me. I don't know how but at least i have created a big space in my friends heart. A time when i used to be very emotional and i used to think that there is no one in this world who cares about me. A time where i used to cry for the whole day night in trauma. But at this moment of life when I see so many people getting involved with me, my failure, my life, my nonsense- the only thing i want to say that I AM DREAMING. I just get lost at a moment where i feel i am out of the world and when i see my life as a flashback. It was a very very hard for me to believe that so many things happened with my life which make others getting involved in. I love everyone who always help and support me. You're made my day whatever i am today. Thank you so very much people and friends.

dyradrea ♥

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