Thursday, September 23

I just want time for ME.

i am now working through change and fear

There is where i pray on my weak spots. Ok fine. Saya dah lemah. I immadiately flash back to moments in my past. Where mama and ayah raise me. Ibu (my aunty) who really care on me. Oh, i really need them. I find out that at 24 i can't still stand on my own feet. I was always the girl who fear to face tomorrow, the girl who always afraid to take risks and do things against the grain. I can spend my time worrying about pretend scenarios in my head. Ya Allah, what is wrong with me? :'(

It is just a down few days for me..they seem to come now and then. And in some ways it os good because it gives me a chance to bolster myself, to reaffirm my decisions, to dig and find that "just do it" attitude that i know is there. Everything will truly be fine and i am so lucky to even have a choice in this matter.
Sometimes it is just hard to leave the nest...


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