Wednesday, September 22

Life can be so badshit insane sometimes.

This morning, i was full of emotion, so jaded. So completely jaded. And so i clean and do my best to pitch things and trying to get rid of what happen. What i see is depressing and sad and makes me wonder why the hell there is just no happy ending. No living will. I want out at the near top of my game. And if something happens to me, i just need someone be around to back me up with a sincere heart.

What i did take away from this day is that i am going to start living more, in the present and to the fullest. Hell, no matter how well i go through, or how good myself are-there are no promises. None.

"Ini rumah saya. Malam tadi saya pergi jalan-jalan nak pergi tgk bulan. Bulan cantik sgt. Dia senyum kat saya. Saya nak pergi jauh-jauh. Nak duduk dekat bulan. Tolong jaga rumah saya tau. Jumpa lagi :)"


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