Monday, February 15

Unimates and BBQ

Hello people :)

I've only been able to update like prolly once a week. Been kind of busy lately. Okay, i always have excuses en. Ahah. Anyway, my unimates and i have been eating quite a lot by having BBQ at wawa's house. (Melawati). I must say, this wawa's made, burger, BBQ, marsh potato,so on tasted soooo good. Wahh! It sounded so delicious and i couldnt say no. Memang superb lah babe. Even my bf yg busy tu still dpt attend, and i, suprisingly came and joined u all ok. Oh well, best part for him, Tq sayang, fer having time with us. Chill lah kamu syg

Presenting u, all my besties aka my unimates:

pinky ladies, was the tuan tanah, WAWA
im, acap and mia, abg, me and my amirul

hey hey hey, hope i made u hungry

heh whats wrong with Acap?
Err.."memang tak arrr.."

abg dan makanan.
"ibarat aur dan tebing"
haha. Betul kan this peribahasa?

And Farafarafar away. Erk, wheres her itik? uhuh :P
(itik si tukang buat sos, ala Thai)
bravo lah bro!

Kay, signing off. Till the next one. Have a good day! Yay, monday is gone, Hello tuesday :)

lil' me,

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