Wednesday, February 17

My Sister already going to boarding School

This was my second last youngest sister.
aka S U F I
12 y.o (Form 1)


Now its Sufi's turn to be sent to a boarding school. MRSM Pasir Salak, Perak.
i couldnt agree at first sufi to enrole in a far off state boarding school. Jauh tu fr her age! and i could nt believe that mama had agreed to send her as well. Ish! Shian nya, bcause of she is too young fr me. sigh. But ayah said, let her make her own choice and that we ought to give her a chance to feel what the rest of us felt.

I was dragged by my worries of her welbeing and but fr the sake of being equal, and that Sufi deserves a chance.
Good Luck Babe!
Kakak will always pray and ♥ u as well

u made us all proud thus far already sufi.
Hope u withstand the life of a hostel girl,
and that u make us proud again fr ur success!

i will miss u potpetpotpet wherever i was.
Cik Peah, take care ok.
i ♥ u

p/s: kakak dia plak yg over sedey, adik rileks je. Sape tak syg adik weyyy..Teheee

kak dyra, with love,


intan sabrina said...

alah akk intan pon indukan sufi gak!!!!mmm...sume org yg dok sebelah intan mesti pindah!!!ari tu tassha!!!dea da pindah!!!nie plak cp!!!cp plak pindah!!!skunk nie intan dok soang2 jerk!x de kawan nk sembang!!!!:'(

sufia nur said...

tq ma dear sis!!i <3 u 2 so much!
intan:jgn la cedey ey!!!

sufia nur said...

1<3 u 2 sis!!!!!!
intan:jgn la cedey2 k!!!=')