Monday, February 22

Draining and Recharging Me

now, now, now, and now,
i was actually:
Just trying fr being okay in my 'own' world

This is me lately, inconsistent, selalu murung, suka nak sedih-sedih, tiba2 asyik nak touching, and everyday i'm just wondering, WHY is it so?Maybe because of the caffeine, but i just couldnt sit still. Like smthg huge problem lately. But, rasa mcm takde problem pun. Continue operate on a currency of emotion and often these days i think it sucks. Nothing is stable in my world and everything is fleeting.
Up, down and all around.

i am so flooded with emotions these days that are intense, but meaningless. there is no reason fr them, but they come. I am learning to just ignore them. I listen to whatever music that will let that emotion play out in my head:


I am keep on trying to not attach my emotions to anything or anyone in particular.
Nevertheless, processing through..wears me out. Ohh idk, i feel lonely here, connections never permanent, but fr the moment. I feel misunderstood or perhaps no one knows me.

It is like i suck out the energy.
And if i breathe, dont put to much stock it in
it will gone.
it will pass.


MiLuViA said...

pms mungkin?

misz uthe said...

chill dira..
gdlux stadi k..

冷漠 said...

你不能決定生命的長度,但你可以控制它的寬度 ..................................................