Saturday, November 20

Shit shit shit. I want this!

Ok. Mama marah sebut "Shit" for many times. Tak kisah lah mama. I want this! I'm just over these perfumes. Seriously. Kak Mariah, you are really killing me. But oh, never mind. At least these inspired me for an effort in seeking job to greater earn more money! Bwahaha. And yes, NOW I KNOW, this is all about MONEY! MONEY! AND MONEY! erkk! *dead*

Here is Candy Perfume I want :)

Woot woot, and here again are the most unusual things I have been looking for lately. Sampai siang malam termimipi mimpi. Terbayang bayang. Tercari cari. Ohh Mariah Carey.

by: Mariah Carey

Umphh so, apart of it, this is my favorite of three.
I was hoping for:
Oh I were dying to try it, hopefully I will have a better luck. Seriously, serious, serious shit, I want this :(
♥ dyradrea

p/s: Itu pasal lah saya beria update resume hari ini. Haha :P
Ini semua Kak Mariah funya fasal. hish!

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sOKmo said...

Target dah ade, so kene la keje rajin2 nnt =P.
And remember, it's not easy to get a job during 1st trial. Dont ever givup k =)