Friday, November 12

Decision! Decision! Decison!

The decision i made recently was not easy. At this point of my life, there is no "Unsure answer" just like:

- Oh I dont Know.
- Errr..entah la.
- Yeww. Takut nya!
- Takmau..Takmau..
- Isk! Taknak lah.
- alaa..

Ok ok. Just put aside this rubbish and this is what i know for sure: I AM ALL GROWN UP. haha! I wish i can decide my life on my own. It is challenge i am willing to take to follow my heart. I may hv made the right decision and life will be alright or i may have made the wrong turn and turned my life upside down. Whatever it is. Dyra, tolong jangan nak perasan macam konon konon tough. I know I am. Argh! Tolong!

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